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The Functional Longevity Coach®

OK…if you’re looking for a quick copy-and-paste bio to put on your site or use as a lead for an interview, you can just use this haha:

Steve O’Reilly is an entrepreneur, a ‘Life Hacker’, A health and fitness consultant, the creator of the concept ‘Functional Longevity’ as an approach to long term health, founder of highly successful fat loss program called ‘The Edge Program’, and creative director within a small independent film company.


Steve is a former bodyguard, tactical trainer, paramedic, Master NLP certified practitioner, and has even been a Projects and Management consultant with some of the leading law firms in the world.


He is a life-long martial artist with teaching credentials in a variety of systems, including being the founder and creator of The Armed Program, an accelerated learning program of personal protection.

Steve has trained celebrities, athletes, military and law enforcement personnel, and civilians.


Having trained and worked with the best from frontline special operations personnel to the shakers and makers of the most powerful boardrooms, Steve brings a huge base of knowledge and experience to his passion and pursuit of helping people empower their own health, their longevity and the ability to chase their dreams with an abundance of energy by incorporating certain basic essentials and ‘Life Hacks’ into their daily routine.

He loves movies and will watch anything except ‘Merchant Ivory’ period type stuff, loves car shows and especially digs classic American cars and sports cars, doesn’t understand ‘mood-hoover’ personalities (why moan?…do something), can laugh his socks off alone watching Laurel & Hardy movies.


He loves concerts and live music , all types, but especially loves live orchestral productions of film soundtracks…however he embarrassingly admits to having his radio set on 80’s music permanently much to the chagrin of others…loves sashimi and spicy thai food, loves laughing, sitting in cafes jotting notes and watching the world go by….and talking about himself in the third person.

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