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The Functional Longevity Coach®

Consultation Services

People don’t just come to me for The Edge Program or fat loss.

As you can see from my varied and comprehensive career history, the number of coaching hats I wear are many and varied. So I get people contacting me for help for a variety of reasons.

With nearly 30 years coaching experience in one guise or another, and a personal journey of exploring health, exercise, and nutrition spanning even longer, I can bring a broad range of experience and knowledge to my clients.

Stephen O'Reilly medical and scientific consultation

Common everyday aches, pains and annoyances, such as headaches, migraines, fatigue, sleep disorders, blood sugar issues, constipation, diarrhoea, gout, oedema, reflux…these are all directly affected by dietary habits and food sources.

If you suffer from any of these, or you are unsure about the possible influences of your dietary habits on other discomforts or symptoms you are suffering with, then contact me here…

So whilst ‘Functional Longevity’ and The Edge Program are the main reasons clients contact me, I also coach people in a variety of other areas too. Including, how to  deal with the mental and physical challenges of dietary and digestive disorders, to how to detox the body or fast effectively, how to approach nutrition and health from the right perspective, and how to nurture long lasting health through the correct eating patterns.

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…and we can arrange a chat to discuss them in confidence.

Seminars & Speaking

I am often invited to speak about Functional Longevity, Fat Loss and Health.

As founder of the principle of ‘Functional Longevity’, and Author of Shredded for Life, I provide a unique and different approach to training, nutrition and long-term health.

I represent a new growing tribe of the over 40 health conscious ‘life athletes’…whose Olympic Games is to live a long, happy, full life, whilst remaining fit and functional to the end.

We are, what I often refer to as the ‘Lost Demographic’ when it comes to fitness and health. With most of social media being saturated by the young, beautiful & buff, who with no real experience of life or its challenges…cannot really relate to this age group and older.

Fat loss for a long healthy life
Build muscle to burn fat and be happy
Exercise to live long and strong
Happiness through confidence and successful health goals
Getting strong leads to desire for more exercise

My methods are different to these younger experts…they have to be for a good reason…because as you get older you change, life changes, your physiology changes, your values change.

Stephen O'Reilly leader coach educator and friend

Its this difference that can bring a new, stimulating and interesting perspective to a panel or an audience.

I also represent the polar-opposite perspective to most western medical approaches to health and fitness. This can create interesting debate for listeners and audience members.

My goal is to provide a honest source of information…an experienced and understanding friend…a point of reference for them to know that it is possible to regain your fitness later in life….and that it’s possible stay fit and healthy for a lot longer than we are lead to believe if we follow a certain approach.

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Balance your mind body and spirit for longevity
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Functional Longevity

Enjoy life be healthy live longer
Diet and health improves with support
Focus on your goals and learn to understand what your body needs
Live strong and enjoy more life
Learn the secrets to The Edge Program

I want to inspire this demographic to never give up on chasing their dreams…that there is still time to be achieve things they want to in this life if you invest in yourself physically and mentally now.

My talks are designed to educate, inspire, and to leave the audience stimulated to purse a life of ‘Functional Longevity’ and long-lasting health.

If you would like me to join a panel, give a talk or an interview on any of the fields I coach in, then please contact me below and I would be delighted to chat to you about it.

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