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The Functional Longevity Coach®




Welcome to my journey through my life…and my passion for health, fitness, longevity…and for ‘life hacking’ what I believe are the essentials to be able to live a long happy healthy life.


So, who am I? Well as a person I have always been someone who believes in seeking more from life…never wanting to just ‘exist’ through it. My goal is to get to the end, and be able to look back and say ‘I gave life everything...I didn’t waste it…I did everything I wanted to do’


It’s been a hell of a journey so far…that has taught me a huge amount of ‘life lessons’. They might not have all been happy ones, after all life is a rich tapestry of colours, but I am grateful for each and every one. Happy or challenging, each has helped me grow more, understand more, and appreciate life so much more.


But perhaps the biggest lesson I have learnt on my journey to date…is that through all the unpredictability and challenges life brings…‘Your health is your wealth’.


Now I know it’s an old saying, but it’s the truest thing you will ever hear…because when it’s gone you will feel as poor as dirt no matter what your bank account says.


Unfortunately, the sad fact is, most people don’t appreciate the value of it until its gone.


That, I guess, is what this site is really about. I want to try help people appreciate the gift they hold in their hands...and how much it is constantly under threat from the external world. I want to pass on my experience, my mistakes, my successes, and help people understand what an amazing thing your body is, and what truly incredible things it is capable of if you will just invest a little time and effort into it.


You see, the ‘world’ is quite happy to poison your food, water and air, make you fat, and ill, and work you into the ground…then offer you drugs to keep you alive to do more of the same. It’s the modern Hakuna Matata.


But trust me, you don’t have to be one of those statistics…you can live a different way. With a little effort.

I love to see people empower their own health, their physical ability, their mind…in order to chase their dreams.


As I said, I believe life is meant to be lived…truly lived…but it all starts with YOU.


I don’t think there is a single person on this planet who wants to slip into a premature old age of decrepitude and illness…I know I certainly don’t. I want to live this amazing adventure we call life for as long as I can with the same vibrancy, energy and passion I have always had. But I see so many miss out on so much just because they just don’t invest a little time and effort into their health.


My goal in life is to keep chasing my dreams…laughing at life…and savouring all the joys that are possible as we navigate through this journey. And so, for me, looking after my health is a small price to pay to reap all those benefit…to have that energy…to be healthy. That belief is something I want  create enthusiasm around in order to inspire others to adopt it too.


However, I do appreciate the challenges of time in this 24 hour society we now live in. There’s no doubt it can be tough finding lots of personal time. However, even if I can find lots of personal time, I sure as hell don’t want to live a constant spartan lifestyle, or spend every waking moment training…for what? That conceptually has always been the challenge to me…and undoubtedly to many others I am sure.


Therefore, in order to solve this conundrum, I have spent the last 30 years searching for the ‘life hacks’ to a happy healthy life…so I can have time to ‘live’ too…and hopefully to a ripe old age.


If you are of a similar mindset then maybe some of the information on here will be of value to you. Even if you have just landed here out of curiosity…maybe what you read here will inspire you to pause and think about your health… and how you want to age…but ultimately, about how you want to live your life.


After all, you are the director of your life’s movie…don’t you want to make it a good one? (Yeah, I love movies…and a romantic dreamer at heart after all haha).

© 2020 Stephen O'Reilly, All rights reserved.