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Secrets to Transforming Your Body and Getting Lean for Life!

Shredded for Life

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Get fit, lean and healthy. Live longer through weight loss.

"Every single one of my personal clients achieves incredibly fast and lasting fat loss! I'm the only Coach in the world who runs a money back guarantee”

"Cutting Edge Science and the Evolutionary Laws of Nature, working in perfect harmony with the Circadian Rhythms of the human body"

"Trying to force change by working against the natural mechanisms of the body is like trying to push the wind"

"This book finally reveals the training secrets to these incredible results"


I wrote the Shredded for Life because after nearly 30 years working in and around the health and fitness industry, new people still come to me every day and ask the same questions about how to lose weight, or to be more precise, bodyfat, at the gym.

The Dirty FAT Dozen nutrition and diet secrets

At seminars, on social media, in gyms, even at dinner parties, I hear the same crazy ideas about how to lose fat…how you should train...what you should eat...what new miracle supplement or pill you should take before you train...after you train...even in the middle of training! The same non-sensical ideas are still being bandied about.

“I’m so hungry all the time I could cry…I’ve been on diet after diet for years, and still not lost any fat!”

Things I hear...

It’s as if people are permanently stuck in this fog of misinformation. To be honest, it’s hardly surprising when you look at the profits to be made by clouding the truth with junk science, junk products, daft training protocols and other shenanigans. People seem to forget the health and fitness industry is primarily about profit margins. After all if it was about health, then the powers that be would have addressed the food industry issues years ago. Here’s some frightening statistics….

Finally Revealed!!

The Secrets to Why 100% of My Clients Succeed at Fat Loss!

According to fitness industry statistics (2020)

  • There are nearly 250 million health clubs and gyms around the globe (not including the vast number of boutique and specialist private training centres).

  • There are over 300,000 registered Personal Trainers.

  • Over 100 million people on a diet right now.

  • Spending on products to lose weight is currently over $200 million dollars annually.

  • The fitness market is valued at over $94 billion dollars.

The Dirty FAT Dozen smart gym and diet approach

Things I hear...

“I’m just so confused…everyone seems to contradict everyone else…and yet I instinctively know it just can’t be this complex!”

Yet over a third of the world is obese!!

The Dirty FAT Dozen makes you stronger every day

Walk into any gym now and tell me how many people do you see with low, or even normal, bodyfat levels? Very few, and the sad truth is most of these people have probably been training for years, devoting huge amounts of their life, and vast amounts of money in the attempt to get lean or lose weight.

“I’m thinking of giving up…I’ve been going to the gym for over a year…I’ve done every class out there…paid personal trainers a fortune, and I still don’t look any different”


Unfortunately for most, and this is the really sad part, their investment never pays off.

“I’m thinking of giving up…I’ve been going to the gym for over a year…I’ve done every class out there…paid personal trainers a fortune, and I still don’t look any different”

Things I hear...

'So what is going on?'

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Its’ simple…when it comes to losing fat effectively, the majority of people are STILL doing everything wrong. They continue to fall for the same old bullshit, convincingly peddled by those wanting to sell junk products, crazy diets, or miracle solutions.

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They also continue to listen to those with gifted genetics and no real understanding of human physiology, who espouse strategies that will only ever work for the chemically enhanced.

People push themselves physically and mental to follow these insane programs, driven by their unhappiness, in the desperate hope that one day, by some miracle, these approaches will suddenly start working.

After doing this for over 30 years, I can safely say these strategies will not work for the majority of you!

The Dirty FAT DOzen motivates and educates to train better and increase confidence

“I could’ve bought a new car with the amount of money I have spent on pills and protein powders, exercise equipment…you name it, I bought it….and guess what? Not a goddamn thing has changed?”

Things I hear...

Here is the one fundamental thing you need to understand and remember…


Reaching goals for your body and health is easy

‘Fat loss is a natural survival mechanism within the human body, it’s not a mystery, and it’s not complicated…if it was complicated we would have died out as a species millennia ago. You just have to understand your body and work with it, not against it.’

...people seem to have forgotten this.


With Shredded for Life I wanted to try to remind people that no matter how advanced we have become intellectually; the human body is a primeval organism living in a high tech world. Our physiology remains geared towards one primary objective…survival. The loss and gain of fat is a basic survival mechanism…and until you understand this you are probably going to fall victim to all the misinformation or cons about fat loss that exist.

The truth is…

  • There is no need to train for hours with weights

  • There is no need to do cardio until you heart is beating like a jackhammer and you are gasping for breath

  • Pushing yourself with cardio can actually make you fatter

  • There is no need to spend your days feeling exhausted from exercise

  • The body doesn’t understand the difference between one exercise and another when it comes to losing fat

  • The most effective long-term fat burning exercise is actually the simplest and easiest - provided you activate it correctly

  • Fat loss is not determined by your chronological age

  • You do not have a genetically fixed body fat level

  • Crazy diets only stress the body and make fat loss harder

  • The most commonly used calculation in the fitness world is a waste of time

  • That little voice of common sense in your head was right all along

The Dirty FAT Dozen makes gym exercise easy
Enjoying health results with The Dirty FAT Dozen
The DIrty FAT Dozen build strength and muscle
Learn to train smart see exercise improve

In Shredded for Life you will learn the 12 most common mistakes people make, or lies told in terms of losing fat naturally. Remove these roadblocks from achieving your goal and stop wasting your time and money!

The Dirty FAT Dozen makes reaching goals easy

The definition of madness is to keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result!

   Read Shredded for Life…you have nothing to lose…except Fat!

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