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The Functional Longevity Coach®

Live Lean

My Passion

Why am I so passionate about exercise, nutrition, the mind, and health?

My passion is the result of my journey of over 40 years of exercising, and over three decades of coaching people in one guise or another.

It’s the culmination of all the successes and failures I have had, but mainly it's the result of the fact I just never give up, and I never stop asking questions…that just my nature.

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I’ve been exercising since I was a young boy, and I will continue until the end of my days…it’s in my DNA, just as it is in yours actually.


Exercise and nutrition have always been centre stage in my life…and my journey has been about trying to find the optimum way to enjoy full health and functional longevity as we grow older.

But to me, exercise and good nutrition are not just about the obvious physical benefits.

They are about nurturing and building that incredible healing power that lies within us. Something I believe most people have lost touch with, instead they favour reaching for modern Pharma to sort every cold, ache, pain and digestive issue.

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Of course there are certain times that pharmaceuticals are absolutely necessary to preserve and ensure life, such as in emergency medicine, dealing with trauma, supporting surgery, managing acute and terminal illness.

Live True

However, for most of the chronic illnesses that ail our modern society on a daily basis, prevention through a healthy diet, creating a healthy environment, and adhering to regular exercise, are much better courses of action in the long run than seeking a pharmaceutical solution.

It is our strength of immunity and the innate natural healing mechanisms within us, coupled with a mental resilience and fortitude, that has helped us survive as a species for millennia.


However these attributes are now being eroded within our society as we slowly poison ourselves dietarily, environmentally, and become reliant on drugs to pick up the pieces, both physically and mentally.

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My passion is about trying to get people to embrace a lifestyle of health that in some way supports and builds those qualities we once had in abundance.

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I want to try and encourage people to build their minds and bodies so they can navigate these toxin laden times, and pursue the long happy healthy lives they dream of.


The only way to do this is to strengthen your body and mind through exercise, healthy eating and a filtering of what you let your mind focus on.

People have lost sight of the fact that exercise and eating well is the very basis of us as a species. They are elements of life that are necessary for us to me able to maximise the potential of our genetic expression.  

They are part of us on a very primeval level. They link us to nature, and the world we live in, in a way nothing else does. I believe they also offer a gateway to finding our greater self spiritually.


We are meant to move as a species…and we are meant to eat in a certain way that nourishes us and allows us to function optimally. I truly believe that once those elements are congruous with the laws of nature, then and only then, do we afford our mind, our intellect, our spirit, the opportunity to begin the journey to reach its maximum potential.

What started out for me as a means to achieve certain physical transformations, or to improve certain athletic attributes, as a boy, a teenager, and as a man in my 20’s…became part of my soul and very essence.


In the challenging times of my life it was my sanctuary…and later in life it has become my inspiration.

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Live Long

As I walked my life’s path through my 30’s it provided a means of introspection, of self-analysis…it caused me to question my life, my beliefs, my principles…it forced me to mature as an individual.


It also provided a means to spiritually grow in my 40’s and understand the value of this gift we often take for granted called health.

So yes, to me, it’s a lot more than just what I do to stay fit, or what I eat to nourish my body.

It might sound crazy to others, but it’s a passion I want to try share and inspire others with.

They say ‘desperation is the mother of invention’, well I personally think passion is…or maybe it’s your passion makes you desperate for an avenue of expression. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter…what matters is that it creates something…and hopefully that ‘something’ is of value or use to others. Such was the case with me…and my expression became two things.

First, a principle, or an objective if you like…which I called ‘Functional Longevity’.

The second, a way of communicating my passion, in a form that might be useful to others.

This became the method I called ‘The Edge Program’.

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Initially created as a personal solution to the constraints put on my ability to exercise and eat well by a busy life, this program has continually evolved with me since its inception nearly 20 years ago. Based on my personal journey of blood, sweat, tears, mistakes, and successes, of the last four decades, and of those of my clients, I can wholeheartedly say I stand behind the information I will share with you now. I promise to give you the truth, and to honestly share my experiences good or bad. I firmly believe that the road to unhappiness in life is to pretend to be something you are not. So I have no interest in seeking acceptance or validation from markets, industries or experts, I’m just interested in helping others like me.

All I hope to do is to offer a hand in the form of my experiences and what I have learnt, to help make your journey in the pursuit of a happy and healthy life less arduous than mine.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this site…chase your dreams.


Live Strong


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