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The Functional Longevity Coach®

Origin of...

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The Edge Program is the easiest method of losing fat and improving your physical ability as you age that you will ever come across.


It has been successfully used with clients for nearly 20 years, and it has been life changing for each and every one of them.

How is it different to everything else out there?

Edge Program results in fat loss through simple principles

Firstly, it was not initially devised as a commercially driven concept. It was created as a solution to my own personal need to find the most effective way to stay functionally fit, lean, and healthy as I got older…in the most time efficient way possible.


So it was never influenced by a fear of contradicting the industry or other ‘experts’, nor did I have an axe to grind. I didn’t care less what anyone else was doing. I was just looking for a solution…one that worked…period!

It just so happened that what I was looking for, was exactly what others were looking too.

What started out as my own journey, worked so well for me, that it grabbed a lot of interest and attention from others right from the start.

Stephen O'Reilly lives the Edge Program every day

They were fascinated to know how I seemed to be doing everything differently to them and yet I was getting greater results in a shorter amount of time. Soon people were hiring me as a coach to teach them my approach.

So the structuring of it as a ‘program’ was purely driven by a need to be able to teach it easily and effectively to others.

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Doing this made it easier for me to be able to hold the hands of my clients and walk them through their journey as a coach.

Second, it’s not based on the usual ineffective principles used with the fitness industry or sports science community.

Nor does it approach nutrition with the same commercially driven nonsense that is pervasive within western medical advice handed out for nutrition and health.

The Edge Program makes fat loss in the gym easy
Live long and enjoy life with good health

Instead, it draws and forms its underlying principles and methods from Naturopathy, from an understanding of Circadian Rhythms, and from the natural hormonal cycles within the human body. It centres itself firmly around working with the body, and not against it.

My belief is that it is critical to coax the body into adaption, not punish it to surrender...particularly for anybody over 30. The last thing most people need as they enter, what is recognised as the most stressful couple of decades of their lives, is even greater amounts of physiological stress.


Understanding these cycles is a key component to creating a positive adaption within the body, and a solid base upon which to build long term health.

Being aware that exercise above and beyond precisely what is required to cause a positive adaption, is a negative toll on the body, is an important concept to grasp. Just as there is a fine line between just enough sun to create a tan and too much to cause damage...

The same is true of exercise.

By using specific exercise selection at the right time, and by adhering to nutritional practices based on optimising internal hygiene and natural detoxification, Fat Loss becomes a very simple process.

But this program is not just about Fat Loss.

The Edge Program helps you reduce fat and reach goals

Preventing age related deterioration such as Sarcopenia (the loss of active muscle tissue as we age) and metabolic slowdown is a major objective of this program too.

These factors are critical in creating a greater level of health and ability…and to give you ‘Functional Longevity’.

You can exercise every day with the right help
Being strong is a secret to longevity and happiness

For me, one of the most important aspects is to educate you about your own body, and how it works. This enables you to form a better relationship with your body, and to always have the ability and knowledge to do what is right to nourish it, to help it, and to appreciate it.

However, the main feature this program gives you is the empowerment to be able to adjust your fat levels at any will finally be in control of this modern dietary burden.

My objective as a coach is different to all other coaches and mentors out there in that, I don’t want repeat business from you for the same thing. To me, repeat business means I didn’t teach you correctly the first time.

I truly believe as a coach is that if you go through The Edge Program  with me, then you should never need another trainer again.

So, to sum it up, The Edge Program is designed to give you a way of slowing the ageing process, retaining functional ability, keeping you lean and healthy…all in the least time consuming and life invasive manner possible.

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