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    MINIMUM 3% Bodyfat loss in 3 weeks…Guaranteed!    

Elite one to one Edge program for getting ripped
Online course to lose weight and slow aging

“I’m the only coach in the world that makes this promise”


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The Most Unique Fat Loss Program Out There!

Welcome to THE EDGE PROGRAM, a multi-faceted, multileveled, online program of both physical and mental personal development, that I have been coaching clients in for over 20 years, in different countries around the world.

This is the easiest and most effective method of losing fat that you will come across. Providing not only immediate results, but an effective way to stay lean, fit, and healthy for the rest of your life.

The Edge Program guaranteed fat loss

This is a program that works for anyone, from recreational trainer to professional athlete.

Based on a principle akin to that of the Japanese concept of ‘Kaizen’, meaning constant and never ending improvement, the program endeavours to improve your physicality and health in a progressive and consistent manner…or ‘baby steps’ as I describe it to my clients.

Edge Program exercise increases results
Edge Program optimize your exercise technique
Edge Program strength inceases fat loss
Edge Program secrets to a beautiful body

However, even though the program is based on ‘Baby Steps’, the results are quick and predictable. This is because the emphasis is on working with the body and not against it. By doing this you are not battling the natural physiological responses of your body, that often impede the progress of most training approaches. This was one of the founding principles of THE EDGE PROGRAM.

Edge Program results in fat loss guaranteed
The Edge Program guaranteed fat loss

The goal is to make you functionally fit, and to optimise your health, so that you can enjoy life in the way you want, for the rest of your days. The program is designed with liveability, a factor I consider essential to the success of any long term health or fat loss program.


Most approaches fail in this respect as they are too invasive in our lives, and too time consuming. The whole genesis of THE EDGE PROGRAM was about designing something to be the opposite of that.



You instinctively know you need to do, and build your future health today.



A journey you undertake for life. One that pays huge benefits to you now, and in the future.



Life waits for nobody, and what you do now directly affects how your life will be in the future. Make the right choices now.

You just need to take the first step…

…and that first step is to shed some of the fat that is weighing you down in life!

Edge Program guaranteed fat loss



Edge Program fat loss returns happiness and health

Remember, this is not about having the perfect body…I’m not interested in that. This is about lowering fat to improve your health biomarkers as they stand now, and it’s about your Functional Longevity for the future.

It just so happens that by doing this you are going to get an awesome body also.

Table 3newd.PNG
Edge Program shows how you create your beautiful body

How does it work?

The program takes place over a period of 6 weeks. During which time you will undergo a 2-week period of data collection followed by a monitored 3-week period of specific eating and training.


This initial data collecting period is to enable me to understand your current dietary habits in terms of nutrients and kcals, meal timings and frequencies, likes and dislikes, digestive issues, allergies or intolerances, and ultimately how all of these currently affect your body.

Edge Program easy food records
Edge Program simple steps to reduce calories
Edge Program new happy healthy you

Once I have all this information, I will then analyse it and produce a report detailing how you will be eating and training for the monitored 3-week period that follows.

Over the course of those 3 weeks I will be in daily contact with you to hold your hand through all aspects program, and to make minor adjustments if indicated by the daily statistics you will be recording.

The Edge Program guaranteed fat loss

The objective of this 3 week period is to...

Live True

  • To create a decrease in bodyfat of at least 3% and to optimize the fat burning mechanism within your body.

  • To regain and increase levels of lean tissue in order to raise your resting metabolic rate, and to teach you how to minimise Sarcopenia (the loss of muscle tissue as we age) in the future.

Edge Program increased strength
  • To improve the efficiency of your body’s natural detoxification and cleansing processes, this will reduce the effects of the long-term stored toxins that will now be released from the fat cells you are metabolising.

Edge Program gym and weight training secrets
Edge Program burn calories with smart exercise
  • To Teach you how to understand food and its functions within the body, how to read labels, and how to discern the hidden ingredients in foods when it comes to shopping.

  • To familiarise you on how to structure meals effectively and calculate macros. The aim of this is to negate the need for you to count kcals in the future as you will be able to guesstimate with a degree of accuracy just by sight.

Edge Program smart food choices for diet
  • To educate you to the effects of certain foods within your system and how to spot subtle allergic reactions.

  • To create a structure that will enable you to pursue the long-term goal of ‘Functional Longevity' instead of drifting into an old age of declining ability. I want you to kick Father Time’s ass right to the end.

Edge Program learn calorie counting and food quality
Edge Program fat loss for a beautiful body
Edge Program live longer love life again
The Edge Program Elite Coaching service

 I am the only coach in the world to guarantee the results I promise you or your money back !

Don't wait any longer to see amazing progress!

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