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The Edge Program - Genesis of a New Approach - Part 2

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Now, here is the reason I made the point earlier about ‘timing’. Some call it coincidence…some call it the law of attraction…others, quantum mechanics within the Zero Point Field (ZPF). Whatever you want to call it, I truly believe there are things at play we still don’t understand when it comes to the timing of moments within our lives…and for me this was one.

Although it was primarily my hectic work/life balance that was making the approach I was using untenable now….it was not the only reason. If I am totally honest I had also begun to question the validity of not only my approach, but also everything we understood to be true, or should I say everything we had been told to be true, about the best way to exercise and eat for a healthy life.

Why? Maybe it was because life had suddenly forced a level of personal growth and maturity within me.

My life had changed dramatically both personally and career wise…and no longer were my life goals the same…my priorities had changed.

The training and approach to nutrition I had adopted in my teens and 20’s was pretty much driven by the usual desires and/or psychological insecurities that most guys have to be bigger and stronger.

In addition, I had been a martial artist since I was 7 years old, and my training outside of the martial arts had always been geared towards improving the attributes I needed to be better in whatever system I was studying at the time. During that particular period of my life I was studying certain arts that were designed around the bigger heavier guy being more effective. Later I would learn that this was a flawed strategy and my focus in terms of attribute development would change, but at that time, that’s what it was.

So throughout my teens and 20’s, the pursuit of bigger muscles and size had been my total objective. But now, none of that was of any importance to me any more.

This period of change in my life had helped me understand myself better, my strengths, my weaknesses. It helped me reflect on who I was, who I had been, and who I wanted to be as I grew older. It helped me let go of child and adulthood insecurities and psychological issues that weigh us down as adults. The fact that my life had changed so much externally, had by extension, caused tremendous internal change within me…and this had afforded me both emotionally and intellectually, a kind of rebirth.

So I began to question major parts of my life...not least of which was the accepted philosophies on how to eat and exercise to achieve long term health.

Although my approach to exercise and nutrition to date had been successful to a certain extent…the payoff compared to the investment had just never seemed right to me.

All that time and effort…all that complexity around something that I just felt instinctively should be simpler…it just didn’t sit well with me. I struggled with so many of the populist concepts regarding how we create and enjoy continuing good health as we age…how we should exercise, how we should eat, how we should even live. Why did we need modern research to point us in the right direction of something that should surely be instinctual? Why did we need innovative products and equipment to maintain a primeval physiological state? Is this what our caveman ancestors had to do…really? Were we over engineering a solution? Or did we need to do that because we were endeavouring to override physiological mechanisms in an unnatural way to extend life or health? How did the body understand these things?

I had so many questions.

So now I had a huge problem. I had an approach that was unworkable with my new lifestyle…with a ton of questions that I could find no answers to within the orthodoxy of the fitness industry, nor within exercise science.

But I was not prepared to give up…I knew my answers had to be out there…I just obviously wasn’t looking in the right place.

But where should I look?


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