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What is Electrical Food and why do we need it? - Part 1

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

What is Electrical Food and why should we eat it?

A more correct way of describing it would be ‘what are the foods that contain bioelectrical charges as nature intended’…and why is it important to eat them?

Electrical food is food that is totally natural, indigenous to nature in its natural form, and is 100% alive.

As a species, we are alive, and therefore our existence is derived from a life force. This life force is the accumulation of the electric charges emitted by every living cell in our body. This ‘Energy’ is bioelectrical, and we are reliant on it for life.

Electrical food gives life to our electrical bodies…its that simple, and that’s how nature intended it.

Unfortunately around 80-90% of foods found in the average diet are not bioelectrical, and if they do contain any electrical charge after the processing, denaturing, heating, cooking, etc. Its certainly not in the form that nature intended.

If the only problem was how we treated the food after we harvested it or caught it, then that would be one thing. However a huge percentage of the food in the western diet is not even real food anymore…and this is now a growing problem in Asian diets too now as lives become busier, and people look for ways to save time. The preparation of natural ingredients is being replaced with the ease of meal deliveries and fast foods from the local convenience store. Food choices are changing.

This unfortunately is having a huge impact on obesity levels around the globe.

One of the reasons a lot of people are overweight is because they are starving on a cellular level. Why? Its because the food they are eating is of such poor quality that they are not receiving the real vitamins and nutrients their bodies need. In this situation the body’s natural survival instincts kick in and generate cravings to force you to eat more in the hope the eventually you will satisfy the body’s biological nutrient need.

Unfortunately the ‘call to eat’ and the subsequent increase in food intake doesn’t just increase micronutrient intake, it increases your intakes of Kcals too. This leads to weight gain.

Even worse still is if you satisfy that survival call from your body with even more, manufactured, processed or unnatural foods, because they are usually laden with hidden kcals in the form of sugars and denatured fats.

Now you might be thinking ‘well that’s ok, because I am eating natural foods like fruit and vegetables.’ Think again.

The sad truth nowadays is that, most of the nutrients that our bodies need are not available in their proper form from most of the foods we consume in typical urban diets. Nutrients such vitamins and minerals listed on nutritional labels, even on some ‘Organic’ labelled produce, are often not in a bioavailable state for which our bodies can assimilate. Which simply means we cannot absorb them or use them.

Of course that’s working on the basis that there are any nutrients in them in the first place! When I was studying nutrition at university in London, we bought oranges from around 20 different stores in the city and tested them for Vitamin C content. Incredibly, some of the oranges had almost no Vitamin C.

Imagine, an orange with no Vitamin C!

So how is this possible? How is it possible that we are eating recognisable ‘natural’ fruits and vegetables, and they have ‘nutrients’ that we cannot absorb?

It’s because a huge and growing percentage of our fruits and vegetables, particularly in western diets, are Hybrids. A ‘Hybrid’ means they were created or engineered by man. Hybrid foods do not produce seeds to naturally grow the next fruit or vegetable. These engineered ‘natural’ foods are sterile.

These foods were never meant to exist within nature…and whatever justifications the industries who make these foods give you for making them, the simple fact is we are not meant to eat them.

The technical expertise of mother nature goes far beyond our understanding of things as they exist right now. We are only beginning to understand things on a bioelectrical and quantum level, and mother nature still holds her secrets to what exactly she puts into to her foods very close to her chest.

We have only scratched the surface to understanding her mastery.


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18. Mai 2020

After reading about the complete lack of vitamin c in some oranges, it just makes me even more shocked to think, that if that's the case with an example of a so called "healthy" and natural food, then what the f can be found in all the other junk for on the market? It's quite scary... So, do you suggest buying supplements such as that fizzy tablet which you can dissolve in water? I usually get the 1000mg one and split it into 2 as I've heard the body can only absorb 500mg at a time anyway. As usual I have a tonne of research to do. Thanks for this article, I'm always learning...

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