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What is Electrical Food and why do we need it? - Part 2

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

So if we don’t really understand foods on a bioelectrical or quantum level, how can we manufacture or replicate them? We cannot.

This is how we end up with foods that provide no nutrition except kcals….and do nothing to energise, heal or promote health within us. In fact, they do the opposite.

Hybrid foods often create high levels of acidity within our bloodstream…and this acidity prevents the absorption of nutrients, so if there was a tiny amount of nutrition to be had, it gets blocked anyway.

So what are examples of hybrid foods?

Beets, legumes, celery, corn, potatoes, rice varieties, wheat, soya, seedless fruits such as grapes, watermelon, citrus fruits with no seeds, etc. These are just some everyday examples…but you just have to look around you, you’ll find them. More frequently than you’d think too.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. For instance, think of the carrot. The carrot that we eat doesn’t contain the seed for the next progeny, the flower does, something as end consumers we rarely see. However with hybrids the seed is often sterile, again something most people would be unaware of. So how does the farmer produce the next crop if his carrot seeds are sterile? Well, he has to buy them from the companies that make them…and he has to do this every year. Get the picture?

The health implications of eating non bioelectrical food is starting to show itself. We are starting to question more now things that we automatically accepted as truths from the medical establishment, big Pharma, and the food manufacturing industries.

Could it be possible that the reason people are allergic to certain fruits, to soya, to wheat…to all those ‘natural foods’, is because the body instinctively knows those foods are not in their natural state? That they are hybrids, or that they have been intensively farmed, covered in preservatives, antibiotics, preservatives, etc? Does the body know something you don’t?

Think about the occurrence of these allergies and intolerances compared to 40 years ago? What’s changed?

Many Vegans munch tofu in the belief they are living a healthier life by doing so. Did you know that tofu is made from the genetically engineered soybean? All soybeans are GMO crops. Soybeans are frequently used as an alternative protein source…but many don’t realise that soy is really poor at muscle synthesis because it is so low in the amino acid Leucine.

Studies have shown what happens inside the body when you eat cooked foods. That ingestion of cooked food dramatically raises the white blood cell count. White blood cells attack anything they don’t recognise in the body, so when you eat something the body doesn’t recognise it does the same thing.

So, if this happens when you simply eat something natural that’s cooked, imagine how the body reacts when you eat something unnatural, a hybrid, or something manufactured?!

So how does this all relate to the bioelectricity of foods and hybrid foods? Very simple, if you can’t absorb the nutrients that are present in hybrid or manufactured food because they are considered foreign entities by our body’s natural defense system….then you can be sure the bioelectrical energy does not match us either.

We have no idea how these hybrid electrical fields are affecting the bioelectrical energy of our own cells? We have no information to know if the electrical energy of these hybrid foods is even possibly altering our very life force.

It’s impossible to know…but perhaps we can make an intelligent guess and err on the side of caution.

In society as it exists right now it’s hard to protect yourself against these foods, but you should try wherever you can. Wherever you have a choice…make the right one. Choose natural bioelectrical food as mother nature intended.


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